This project’s been handed in, and I’m finally getting round to uploading things here! Some of the roughs for proposed paintings from The Dog Under the Skin, a case study by Oliver Sacks in his book The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat. I’ve already shared the rough for dreaming about being a dog, and that seemed to get such a good response, it HAD to be among the final paintings. (But to be a complete tease, I’m sharing that one last.)

All the illustrations in this set are about what it might be like to have a heightened sense of smell. Not really conveyed through the roughs (why do I depend so much on colour?), but hinted at by the abstract shapes. Like mini pyramids. And pointy-sharp-sooty-diamond pollution. (Yes, I was drawn to this topic as an excuse to think as laterally as possible.)

Also chiefly inspired by a Richard Dawkins quote from the last chapter (I think, hazily; it’s been a while since I read it) that stuck with me, about dogs perhaps being able to smell in colour, which always seemed like a neat way to describe it.

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