What’s this?

Another Mymble.

This cheeky book was made with paper from Wrap Magazine designed by Harriet Seed. Check it out over here!

Unfortunately, I’m going to take a while longer sorting out uploads to my Etsy. My laptop is going in for repairs and a possible hard drive replacement next week.

Shiny momi paper!

2 months ago on 02/05/14 at 02:13pm

I slipped and Mymbled.

Late to the witchy party.

My cauldron’s leaking. =o I was probably making pondweed soup.

Inspired by the splashy-leafy art of the marvelous Maruti-Bitamin.

This is in the first coptic stitch sketchbook I made to practice the method. It’s not good enough to offer up for sale, but it is great for playing around in as I warm up my drawing muscles again.

I just realised I couldn’t post anything that wasn’t instagram, anyway, because I haven’t reinstalled the printer drivers yet. (Complete OS reboots are a pain.)

Have a sneak peek of (late now probably) witchy-me instead!

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One day I’ll upload something that isn’t an instagram photo.

Today isn’t that day.

If I were a witch I’d have big crazy ’80s hair. (I do anyway after it’s blow-dried.)

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Since everyone’s been posting photos of their feline bindery assistants…

jeanniehunt asked: I love your chickens! and all the work on Society 6. are you happy with the quality of prints? I tried one of mine as experiment and I thought it came out dark. Maybe I just need to work more on lightness adjustments.

Hi Jeannie (wow your paintings are gorgeous!),

I haven’t actually ordered any of my prints from Society6, so I’m not sure about print quality. This is why I prefer Etsy, really. I’ve got my stock and I’m pleased with the colours. =) 

…Although I need to renew my listings, but I’m not going to do that until I’ve got the books up too.

2 months ago on 01/25/14 at 05:39pm

Wanted to share this one with you guys. =) I’m working on sorting photos for Etsy.

I love this paper.