That’s it, I’m up and moving to the Lake District!


I’ve got some paintings to scan an upload once I’m back from hols, but have a preview of these cutiepie birds.

Reblog for the evening crowd!

I’ve got some paintings to scan an upload once I’m back from hols, but have a preview of these cutiepie birds.

Obligatory spine shot!

Little photo album!

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Here is a first peek at Acorn Trail, my newest textile collection with Birch Fabrics!

The prints feature florals, bugs, some animal pals you might remember from the Fort Firefly collection, and their happy forest mom Penny, with various designs available in poplin, canvas, knit, and voile. There is even a cut and sew panel so you can make your own softies of some of the characters!

The collection will be out in August, and you can preorder through Photography by Birch Fabrics.

I want to make books out of ALL of them!

( Incidentally, I have 12 + books to make for a commission and an exciting proposal for a lovely shop in town. ) 

Little saddle-stitched hardcover with a cloth spine, and a gift for a good friend.

Look at this cutie that arrived for me in the post from the lovely stumpytheorca. Lizzie is going to be keeping my other little mascots company.

If you want your own fluffy cetacean, you can check out her shop on Etsy!

And I had no idea female narwhals could grow tusks too! 


A moment for refreshment and writing in this beautiful book made by pondweed.

Do you know, it took me a moment between thinking: OH I KNOW THAT PAPER! to realise I made that book!



I didn’t like the one of these going around so I made my own.
What makes a good limited palette? I think it needs both contrast in value and in colour temperature. A gradient from one middle value muddy colour to another is not a good basis for an entire painting.
I’ll take some suggestions and feel free to use this - don’t be afraid to mix the colours.
(edit: forgot to mention, tag with jellyfish palette if you do one so I can see)

Guys, I am still working on these. Busy happened. But I’m tempted to do them in Jelly’s palettes because these are pretty!

mollfairhurst asked: Hi, I see that your last few posts were uploaded from instagram? Do you mind telling me your username so I can follow that too (if you're open to random people iust following)? I looked around but couldn't find it :-)

I got your second message, but I’m answering this one anyway in case anyone else needs to know. ;’D 

I’m pretty technologically inept myself when it comes to instagram. I’ve never logged into it from a computer, just use it on my phone! I really should try to though because there’s several people I want to follow. 

And I’m totally happy to have people follow me there too - I don’t always post things from there across to here. There’s a lot of other random stuff on it (mostly flowers and pets.)

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And a little proof I’m working on the challenges! ;’)

Stylish bird.

Sassy bird.