My lovely sassy boy Toksvig exploring the tank the day after a water change. 

He might not be the frilliest, or show the brightest colours (sometimes I have to look for ages to find him because he’s skulking in shadows!) but he’s incredibly active, nosy, and wriggly.

I love his looong white-tipped ventral fins. 

I’ve got a few more decent photos from this batch, but the majority are a sparkly blue blur.

Since Honey and Cocoa got a spot, I figured I’d share some shots of my betta and aquarium.

He likes to stare at me when I’m working at my desk. Maybe he wants me to paint him again now I have some better reference photos.


Breaking in my lovely present from Lauren (http://pondweed.tumblr.com/) with a few random sketches - a girl fishing, drawn after a trip down into town (they are everywhere!), a princess and a wanton hussy nude lady.

The lady on the horse though!

My very talented friend is coming to visit me next week, and we’re going to sketch together and it’s going to be awesome!

I was trying to get photos of these fluffbutts squabbling over a big slice of cabbage (when there was another one right there in front of them, but noooo they both had to have the same one!), but they wouldn’t co-operate and strike a pose.

Honey and Cocoa (front) are my Mum’s buns and they’re the friendliest rabbits I think I’ve met. They always want to know what’s going on if you’re in the garden, or when we have them indoors, it’s near impossible to stop them exploring!

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There’s quite a bit of Maui’s dolphin practice going on in my sketchbook.

Not the best photos, but a large (nearly A4) sketchbook for magnificenthindsight

This one was a lot of fun to put together. I really like the linen, and the pattern’s super cute and fitting for her Strangely Eccentric comic.


My prize from pondweed came today!
The print was very sharp and high quality and of course I immediately framed it.
Post cards are lovely also and the business card is so cute!
And I love love the notebooks as they were so small and cute and very sturdy and nice.
I recommend everyone to check out her esty! The shipping was also fast considering it was overseas!

Thank you so much for taking your time to host this giveaway! :)

I’m really pleased you like them! (And you had a frame to hand for the print!) I’m enjoying seeing people posting photos of their books and prints on arrival.

It’s a bit surreal: “I made those — but I didn’t take that photo! Wow!”

The postage was… a week precisely, I think. I posted them on the Friday, but the lady at the post office said I’d missed the last collection, so that was saturday to saturday. 

A commission for a lovely tumblr user!

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So I’ve got this neat opportunity to blog about creative people in Brighton, my closest city! It seemed fitting I should write my first post about Sanna Annukka, one of my favourite artists.

What I wouldn’t give to deck out my home in her designs for Marimekko!

Check out my post, and check out her website!


To celebrate the first 100 followers on my new blog, I’m holding a giveaway to win your own miniature animal. It can be a necklace, keyring, figurine or any other item of the winner’s choice, and the prize is not restricted to those photographed, you can have any animal you like. Think of it as a free commission!


  • To enter, just reblog this post! I will write your url down on a piece of paper which will be put in a giveaway hat in reblog order.
  • Reblog as many times as you like (maybe don’t spam your followers though). Each reblog will count as one entry.
  • Likes count.
  • You do not have to be following me.
  • No sideblogs please, just your main blog.
  • I ship worldwide and will pay for postage.
  • If you have any questions just drop me an ask. Remember to leave your ask box open so I can contact you.

These items are not suitable for children as they have very small parts and look delicious.

The giveaway will end on 10th JuneGood luck!

Oh my look at these cuties everyone!

And it’s a commission for an animal you want!

Giveaway prizes are…

…packaged, addressed, and ready to be posted the next time I’m at the post office!

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So Etsy is doing this really cute promotion where you refer ten friends through a referral link [click!], and giving them a £5.00/$8.45 (approx.) voucher to spend on the site!

For every two friends who sign up and spend their voucher, the referee (me!) gets a £10.00 credit to spend too! It’s mutually beneficial.

If you’d wanted one of my books —— I’ll be listing more shortly —— or an art print, but where a bit strapped for cash, this is a good chance! There are so many other AMAZING shops on Etsy too! Selling all sorts from craft supplies to gorgeous handmade goodies.