Anonymous asked: do we have to follow you for the giveaway?

You don’t have to be following me to enter. :’ )

I’d rather people follow me because they like what I do.

3 weeks ago on 03/23/14 at 07:44am

One of these books is going to cross the North Atlantic ocean. Many thanks to the lovely Meredith at UpDown Press & Bindery for ordering it, and for all the bookbinding tips she’s shared with me.

3 weeks ago on 03/22/14 at 06:40pm

This book is travelling by airmail to the extremely talented and wonderful Indolentjellyfish. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out her art and sea creatures!

4 weeks ago on 03/21/14 at 09:20pm

This book is already headed to a new home.

4 weeks ago on 03/21/14 at 06:40pm

To launch the introduction of the books I’ve been binding to my Etsy store, I’m holding a giveaway! Check out what you might win on my Etsy!

1st Prize:

  • one 11x15.5cm hand-bound coptic-stitched book of your choice from my shop
  • two art prints
  • and a postcard pack.

2nd Prize:

  • three 14.9x10.5cm soft-cover saddle-stitched notebooks
  • one art print
  • and a postcard pack.

3rd Prize:

  • two 14.9x10.5cm soft-cover saddle-stitched notebooks,
  • and a postcard park.

Rules & Conditions

  • Runs from 20/03/2014 — 24/04/2014.
  • Like and reblog to enter. You can reblog multiple times, but please consider your followers’ dashboards!
  • No giveaway only blogs.
  • Winners are picked with a random number generator. (First draw wins first prize, etc.)
  • This giveaway is international. 
  • Please be contactable, either by having your ask box open, or another means of contact clearly displayed. I’ll message you about postage details.
  • Best of luck!

Shh, everyone — the pocket sketchbooks I’ve been making are now live on Etsy. I’m going to blog about this in more detail, later, and launch properly with a giveaway on Monday. But I’m just so excited I couldn’t resist showing a sneak peek!


My favourite RSPB badge/button/pin at the moment.

Today is very special because I got a Saturday ticket to go to Whale Fest 2014 in Brighton. I’ll be wearing this little one, and I was pleased as punch to fortuitously find another when I was pottering around the shops. I’m keeping it in my purse in case there’s a chance to meet Dr. Visser and give it to her.

Anyone else going to Whale Fest? =)

(via pond-dipping)

Books are presently going on a picnic!

1 month ago on 03/12/14 at 07:45pm

Apparently I missed Ghiblijam. 

I can’t do an art today because I need to finish my magpies and work on some book stuff, but here’s some old work I had to lift off my dA (although I think I posted it on tumblr way back.)

Snufkin and Nausicaa would definitely be besties.

I count the Nausicaa manga amongst my biggest inspirations. It gives me the shivers when I read it.

1 month ago on 03/09/14 at 11:50am
damn that is a pretty workspace!

Polkadots, polkadots everywhere!

1 month ago on 03/08/14 at 10:58pm

1:Take a picture of your workspace.

This is actually reasonably tidy! You can just make out the first photo on my laptop screen, but it was a bit blurry.

I’ve tend to surround myself with my current work and previous pieces I’m pleased with, mostly to remind myself that I can paint, and see what motifs and techniques are working and I want to take further.

On the pin-board I’ve got a card from one of my best friends in the world, and a linocut she made.

Just recently added some super postcards from the uh-mazing Ricardo Bessa!

The most handy thing is having colour charts of my watercolours and pencil crayon box. The layouts match so I can glance across and quickly pick the one I want to use. =)

  • 2:Show your pencil case and what’s inside.
  • The flowery case is the main one I carry around, but the threadbare red one was my Dad’s when he was growing up. I cart lots of pencils about, a couple of biros for note-taking, some well-worn rubbers, and the posca white pen is super handy for dainty pattern work.

    Halved milk cartons make the best water pots! 
  • 7:Do you have any OCs?
  • Yesss. A very many. But I don’t draw them nearly enough. (Mostly because I’m iffy about figures and shy of my narrative skills.) I hope to share more about them sometime. 
  • 10:Least favorite thing to draw?
  • Architectural things! Cities. Cars.
1 month ago on 03/08/14 at 10:03pm
1 month ago on 03/08/14 at 08:07pm

Anonymous asked: 8 and 9 for the questions.

  • 8: Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

Sometimes? I actually tend to listen to the radio (BBC Radio4 mostly) or play radio shows on iPlayer. I really like the dramatised ghost stories on BBC Radio4 Extra on weekends. I’ve also got a load of audiobooks on my phone; Bill Bryson, Richard Dawkins (The Greatest Show on Earth and The Ancestor’s Tale), some Daphne Du Maurier, Agatha Christie short stories, some Doctor Who books (nearly twelve hours of Lalla Ward reading Shada!) And all the series of Cabin Pressure.

When I do listen to music, my favourites are Mary Chapin Carpenter, Vienna Teng, Boh Runga, Crowded House, and Taylor Swift. SomuchTaylorSwift.

  • 9: Favorite thing to draw?

Trees! Landscapes (with trees!) Plants. Strange little creatures. Real creatures. Patterns. Floating people (and creatures.) Ghosts.

General atmospheric floaty stuff.

I have a love-hate thing going on with my figures, which is why they rarely turn up in finished art. Slowly working on it though.

1 month ago on 03/07/14 at 11:04am

Although I’ll have to answer in the morning because I’ve just realised the time. It probably wasn’t well-thought through to start that now!

1 month ago on 03/06/14 at 10:20pm