Mum found a little garden helper! Probably been enjoying all the slugs and bugs that have been out and about lately.

1 month ago on 09/03/14 at 04:37pm

Today I pottered about scanning some of the people from my sketchbooks.

I’m still not particularly confident with bringing my people into paint - I really like how I’m going places with them in pencil, but I would like to make that leap into the media I tend to make finished pieces in.

1 month ago on 09/03/14 at 04:28pm

Dew webs!

1 month ago on 09/03/14 at 09:40am

Anubias nana petite! PetiTE!!!

1 month ago on 09/01/14 at 06:42pm

ABOUT ME! Thanks for the tags. :) ›

I was tagged by cute-whales. I don’t actually quite know what I’m doing here, so I may fluff the formatting, but here goes!

Name: Lauren
Birthday: 7th January
Age: 24

Hobbies: Fishkeeping, bookbinding… eating tasty food? Getting lost on walks! (That’s less of a hobby and more of a consequence of a hobby.)

Favorite Food: Choices! Spinach lasagne? Fish pie. Kimchi, maybe. I like a lot of things. (Especially veggie options.)
Favorite Drink: Chai latte! Regular English Breakfast tea. A really good Flat White... I’m bad at picking favourites.

Favorite Male Actor: …For a long time, it was Rowan Atkinson. Christopher Eccleston? I don’t knooow. I tend to have favourite presenters. (David Attenborough, Richard Fortey.)
Favorite Female Actor: Sue Perkins. (I don’t know many actors names, but there are people in shows I love!)
Favorite Show(s): The Great British Bake Off, In The Club, Happy Valley, Death In Paradise, In The Flesh, Doctor Who (when RTD was showrunner, more), Mushishi, Korra, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The X-Files, New Tricks…~
Favorite Character(s): Snufkin, The Mymble, Asterix, Obelix, Amethyst, Father Jack, Skagra, the Soup Dragon and the Froglets. 

Peeve: People asking me questions when I’m trying to concentrate (I’m scared of losing my train of thought.) 

Reason behind URL: I’ve honestly forgotten, but it probably has a lot to do with liking wildlife and being nuts about pond-dipping as a kid. (I’m also Spooky.)

Random Fact: I would basically like a personal menagerie when I’ve got my own place. With quail, axolotls, many betta,  a goldfish pond, and Big Dogs.

I tag fytte​, sononemo​, updownbindery​, and anyone else who fancies. So many lovely people I couldn’t name you all!

Liberty lifestyle covers!

1 month ago on 08/28/14 at 02:47pm

Aaah! Toksvig, when did you make this?! It actually has some height to it! Well done baby!

1 month ago on 08/28/14 at 11:00am

The cute pocket mirror I won from papiopress! None of my fish wanted to pose with the picture fish - perhaps they were alarmed by the boats!!

Thank you, Harry and Zanna!

1 month ago on 08/28/14 at 09:21am


This bird has Seen Things it can Never Un-see.

I relate to this particular pudgy bird more than than I imagined a doodle would ever impact me.

Another book already away with a new owner. I’m in love with this fabric.

I’m kind of sad to say that this little one already has a home. 

But I have more of this gorgeous chiyogami and hope to make it some siblings in future!

lindawinder replied to your photoset
What a good idea! I do this all over my sketchbook, might as well keep it in one place! (:

I sometimes have them stuck up on my wall so I can refer to them as I’m going, otherwise they live in my pencil box. =)  Started doing it because watercolour pan colours often look quite different from when they’re on paper, and likewise the paint on the outside of coloured pencils isn’t always spot on. 

2 months ago on 08/13/14 at 02:29pm

becja said: have you ever taken glamour shots of your book-making tools? would you? (I love tools)

I think I have? Instagrammed them at one point. But that would have been around Christmas. I’ll do another shot sometime soon. =) I’ve got to photograph some things for watercolour tips as well.

2 months ago on 08/12/14 at 07:24pm

Bookbinding bits

Best bits of bookbinding:

  • choosing fabrics and papers
  • matching fabrics, papers, thread
  • making book cloth
  • folding paper for signatures
  • punching signatures
  • cutting book board
  • waxing thread (because beeswax smells heavenly and I’d make books just for the excuse to use it)
  • sewing signatures
  • putting the book in the press, getting book out of press
  • admiring your handiwork, satisfied with a book well made.

Worst bits of bookbinding:

  • ANY part which involves GLUE.