Anubias nana petite! PetiTE!!!

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ABOUT ME! Thanks for the tags. :) ›

I was tagged by cute-whales. I don’t actually quite know what I’m doing here, so I may fluff the formatting, but here goes!

Name: Lauren
Birthday: 7th January
Age: 24

Hobbies: Fishkeeping, bookbinding… eating tasty food? Getting lost on walks! (That’s less of a hobby and more of a consequence of a hobby.)

Favorite Food: Choices! Spinach lasagne? Fish pie. Kimchi, maybe. I like a lot of things. (Especially veggie options.)
Favorite Drink: Chai latte! Regular English Breakfast tea. A really good Flat White... I’m bad at picking favourites.

Favorite Male Actor: …For a long time, it was Rowan Atkinson. Christopher Eccleston? I don’t knooow. I tend to have favourite presenters. (David Attenborough, Richard Fortey.)
Favorite Female Actor: Sue Perkins. (I don’t know many actors names, but there are people in shows I love!)
Favorite Show(s): The Great British Bake Off, In The Club, Happy Valley, Death In Paradise, In The Flesh, Doctor Who (when RTD was showrunner, more), Mushishi, Korra, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The X-Files, New Tricks…~
Favorite Character(s): Snufkin, The Mymble, Asterix, Obelix, Amethyst, Father Jack, Skagra, the Soup Dragon and the Froglets. 

Peeve: People asking me questions when I’m trying to concentrate (I’m scared of losing my train of thought.) 

Reason behind URL: I’ve honestly forgotten, but it probably has a lot to do with liking wildlife and being nuts about pond-dipping as a kid. (I’m also Spooky.)

Random Fact: I would basically like a personal menagerie when I’ve got my own place. With quail, axolotls, many betta,  a goldfish pond, and Big Dogs.

I tag fytte​, sononemo​, updownbindery​, and anyone else who fancies. So many lovely people I couldn’t name you all!

Liberty lifestyle covers!

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Aaah! Toksvig, when did you make this?! It actually has some height to it! Well done baby!

3 weeks ago on 08/28/14 at 11:00am

The cute pocket mirror I won from papiopress! None of my fish wanted to pose with the picture fish - perhaps they were alarmed by the boats!!

Thank you, Harry and Zanna!

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This bird has Seen Things it can Never Un-see.

I relate to this particular pudgy bird more than than I imagined a doodle would ever impact me.

Another book already away with a new owner. I’m in love with this fabric.

1 month ago on 08/17/14 at 09:34pm

I’m kind of sad to say that this little one already has a home. 

But I have more of this gorgeous chiyogami and hope to make it some siblings in future!

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lindawinder replied to your photoset
What a good idea! I do this all over my sketchbook, might as well keep it in one place! (:

I sometimes have them stuck up on my wall so I can refer to them as I’m going, otherwise they live in my pencil box. =)  Started doing it because watercolour pan colours often look quite different from when they’re on paper, and likewise the paint on the outside of coloured pencils isn’t always spot on. 

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becja said: have you ever taken glamour shots of your book-making tools? would you? (I love tools)

I think I have? Instagrammed them at one point. But that would have been around Christmas. I’ll do another shot sometime soon. =) I’ve got to photograph some things for watercolour tips as well.

1 month ago on 08/12/14 at 07:24pm

Bookbinding bits

Best bits of bookbinding:

  • choosing fabrics and papers
  • matching fabrics, papers, thread
  • making book cloth
  • folding paper for signatures
  • punching signatures
  • cutting book board
  • waxing thread (because beeswax smells heavenly and I’d make books just for the excuse to use it)
  • sewing signatures
  • putting the book in the press, getting book out of press
  • admiring your handiwork, satisfied with a book well made.

Worst bits of bookbinding:

  • ANY part which involves GLUE.
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A slightly better instagram of the commission I’ve been working on. 

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I’m having a print sale over on my Etsy. Hoping to shift some of these to squirrel away some more funds for my third year of Uni! 

I’d be super grateful for any help spreading the word.

There’s a queue in the wings of some of the available pieces.

Just a reminder. c:


Pine and Crow

Lauren Smith — 2013

Available as a print on Etsy.

Digital prints of this painting are now on sale!

£3.75 | US $6.41