Little saddle-stitched hardcover with a cloth spine, and a gift for a good friend.

3 weeks ago on 06/30/14 at 09:39pm

Look at this cutie that arrived for me in the post from the lovely stumpytheorca. Lizzie is going to be keeping my other little mascots company.

If you want your own fluffy cetacean, you can check out her shop on Etsy!

And I had no idea female narwhals could grow tusks too! 

3 weeks ago on 06/27/14 at 12:59pm


A moment for refreshment and writing in this beautiful book made by pondweed.

Do you know, it took me a moment between thinking: OH I KNOW THAT PAPER! to realise I made that book!



I didn’t like the one of these going around so I made my own.
What makes a good limited palette? I think it needs both contrast in value and in colour temperature. A gradient from one middle value muddy colour to another is not a good basis for an entire painting.
I’ll take some suggestions and feel free to use this - don’t be afraid to mix the colours.
(edit: forgot to mention, tag with jellyfish palette if you do one so I can see)

Guys, I am still working on these. Busy happened. But I’m tempted to do them in Jelly’s palettes because these are pretty!

mollfairhurst asked: Hi, I see that your last few posts were uploaded from instagram? Do you mind telling me your username so I can follow that too (if you're open to random people iust following)? I looked around but couldn't find it :-)

I got your second message, but I’m answering this one anyway in case anyone else needs to know. ;’D 

I’m pretty technologically inept myself when it comes to instagram. I’ve never logged into it from a computer, just use it on my phone! I really should try to though because there’s several people I want to follow. 

And I’m totally happy to have people follow me there too - I don’t always post things from there across to here. There’s a lot of other random stuff on it (mostly flowers and pets.)

1 month ago on 06/09/14 at 11:59am

And a little proof I’m working on the challenges! ;’)

1 month ago on 06/09/14 at 11:22am

Stylish bird.

1 month ago on 06/09/14 at 11:04am

Sassy bird.

1 month ago on 06/09/14 at 11:03am
1 month ago on 06/08/14 at 07:15pm

There are some interesting faces in my sketchbook.

1 month ago on 06/08/14 at 07:12pm

How did you guys know exactly what to ask me to draw? :’D 

May take me a little while but these are going to be fun warm-ups and practice.

1 month ago on 06/07/14 at 04:26pm





Shoooooot, what a great idea. I already do limited palette practice, but these are some nice presets to start with. 

Don’t expect me to pump these out like sonyshock though. He’s some kind of magician. I’m slow as hell.

I’ll do this! Within reason. If I can be arsed…

If I get any good ones I’ll put aside 10 minutes to doodle one. 

This is cool! if anyone wants to send me any :3

Well everyone seems to be doing this and I would like something to warm up my art muscles again.

( Since I don’t really talk about OCs, maybe send me suggestions like… goldfish girl, ghost, bird person, swamp monsters, succulent person, oh please someone send me succulent or fungi people because I will have a great time. )

1 month ago on 06/07/14 at 04:06pm


My giveaway prize from pondweed came in today! We were both worried that it had gotten lost or something!

I absolutely love the little notebooks. Orange and green are my favorite color combo, and it’s not often they work well together. But Lauren’s work makes me so happy! I have a friend who loves design work like Lauren’s, and another friend who makes notebooks as well, and I can’t wait to show them!

And the little postcard! It’s super cute, and it makes me want to take out my watercolors again.

Thank you so much, Lauren! You guys gotta check out her Etsy if you want to get your hands on her work. Check out her tumblr as well!

I’m so relieved these books arrived with Madeleine safe and sound — they were just taking their time in the post. (Enjoying the scenic route?)

My friend used to joke that my colour palette existed purely of orange, green, and blue (you can kind of tell from the little postcard what she means). It’s definitely one I’ll always resort to. 

All the books for the giveaway winners are now at their new homes!


My lovely sassy boy Toksvig exploring the tank the day after a water change. 

He might not be the frilliest, or show the brightest colours (sometimes I have to look for ages to find him because he’s skulking in shadows!) but he’s incredibly active, nosy, and wriggly.

I love his looong white-tipped ventral fins. 

I’ve got a few more decent photos from this batch, but the majority are a sparkly blue blur.

Since Honey and Cocoa got a spot, I figured I’d share some shots of my betta and aquarium.

He likes to stare at me when I’m working at my desk. Maybe he wants me to paint him again now I have some better reference photos.


Breaking in my lovely present from Lauren ( with a few random sketches - a girl fishing, drawn after a trip down into town (they are everywhere!), a princess and a wanton hussy nude lady.

The lady on the horse though!

My very talented friend is coming to visit me next week, and we’re going to sketch together and it’s going to be awesome!